Ensure your solution quality with Appway Architect

For a sustainable Appway solution and the best success of your Appway Project we deliver our long term Appway expertise in the "Appway Architect" package.

In this way, you ensure that your Appway solution can scale, is easy to maintain and can be re-used for follow up projects and change requests.

Using our Appway Solution Architects with detailed knowledge about the Appway® process engine will make sure that your BPMN solutions are performing well and stay scalable.

A new- or re-design of your Appway environment with a proven and tested solution architecture for the best Enduser performance

An accurately fitting solution on top of the Appway Engine

Best Practice Design Patterns

Each BPMN platform has its own special challenges - knowing them puts you at the top

For continuous quality assurance we offer the following products:

Our Appway Master Program

Code Reviews for easier maintenance

Good code will improve not only the quality of the solution but increases also development speed and ease the maintenance

Prepare your design to apply fast changes

Improve the way how to implement change requests and onboard new team members faster with better results

Get a fresh perspective how to develop

Use our knowledge of the Appway platform and experience in building complex solutions to benefit already during the planning phase

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