Increase Profitability with Improvement in mind

Our coaching program optimize your Appway Team

Code Reviews for easier maintenance

Good code will improve not only the quality of the solution but increases also development speed and ease the maintenance

Prepare your design to apply fast changes

Improve the way how to implement change requests and onboard new team members faster with better results

Get a fresh perspective how to develop

Use our knowledge of the Appway platform and experience in building complex solutions to benefit already during the planning phase

"Our Appway Master is like your SCRUM Master just with focus on Appway, to keep your Appway project agile by applying the newest and best practices and design patterns. This can be achieved with our continuous learning approach."
Saso Nikolov
Appway Coach & Developer

Start, Improve & Scale

We have a lot of experience within Appway and the underlining Appway Engine. 

Our Appway Master program is leaded by Saso Nikolov, a former Appway trainer. At his time at Appway he developed several training’s. This allows us to teach best practices and re-usable business object designs which will speed up your development and maintenance. The big advantage, Saso is coming from the vendor itself and knows what works best for specific goals.

Let’s improve your team to create more robust and fast solutions. Then enhance them to design solutions with change requests in mind to be able to reduce the impact of changes and increase the implementation speed.

Step 1

Starting with the basics. Analyzing the existing solution to identify problem areas. Here is the biggest coaching effect visible. Your team will improve continuously without interrupting the daily work for big non-productive training’s.

Step 2

Focusing on improving the team quality. Teaching and coaching i elements that allows your project to scale without interrupting the work. This leads to better estimations and more trust in the own ability.

Step 3

A solid foundation starts with a good draft and is built on a profound base solution – requires knowledge and experience. The consulting part will help your team to design the right process and solution before you start developing.

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This is a special onsite offer. We offer you an Appway Master for your Appway team within your rooms or even remote – you decide. 

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