Ensure your project quality with Appway Audit

For the quality assurance of your Appway project we have developed the product "Appway Audit" for you.

In this way, you ensure that your Appway project meets a quality standard that also allows future adaptations to the solution in a reasonable time.

You will receive the following service as part of the audit:

Analysis of your current solution

Suggestions for optimization

Report and action plan

Depending on the size of the project, an effort of 1-2 person days is assumed.

For continuous quality assurance we offer the following products:

Our Appway Master Program

Code Reviews for easier maintenance

Good code will improve not only the quality of the solution but increases also development speed and ease the maintenance

Prepare your design to apply fast changes

Improve the way how to implement change requests and onboard new team members faster with better results

Get a fresh perspective how to develop

Use our knowledge of the Appway platform and experience in building complex solutions to benefit already during the planning phase

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