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We assist our clients to improve their quality and profitability of their business process solutions. We achieve this through our highly specialized experts with different skills in the field of digitalization.

We work in small and highly effective team units. This ensures the highest quality and scalability for your solution.



Benefit from our experienced Workflow Development Team. Not only do you save money and time in implementation, but you get a better solution in less time than you could with a new development team.



We work with enthusiastic people to help our clients to get the most out of their solution and to reaching their goals. Our goal is to support you with knowledge and trainings, so that you can grow within our family.

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DigitalMove Consultants GmbH is a self-managed development consultancy specialised in developing business workflow solutions.

We work with public, private and civic purpose driven organisations. We assist develop smart, sustainable, scalable and robust solutions that enable our clients to access greater opportunities, reach effortless their goals.

We also assist organisations in becoming more agile, innovative and purpose-driven in response to rapidly changing markets, new technologies and the evolving needs of their employees, stakeholders and the environment. 

KYC / Mini Onboarding Solution Example

Platform with the Business Process Modellig Notation offers great benefits in reliability, scalabity and fast development.

The visual approach allows developers and business to work together, to define the needed solution. Developers can than refine the solution by adding business and process logic. If well done, then adpations and change requests can be implemented very fast and more robust than many other approaches would allow.

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