Join Us as An Expert

You know Appway®. You know how to develop process oriented solutions and how to enhance the business objects using your experience from several projects or from your 2+ years work experience with the Appway® platform.

What you bring on skill with...

What you bring on attitude with..

What we hope for...

What you can expect

Your development plan...

We want you to become a consulting expert that can not only design solutions on a vary high level but also be able to go down and get the job done. So we expect you to be the one, that can get things done, and we support you to become a consultant too – if you wish so.

As an expert, you can also become a team leader on projects. You are a role model, that can train and form junior and median developer to improve our overall performance and skills and that we deliver better solutions.

Can you identify yourself with this? Join us.

How we work together in our team

You will be assigned to a project. It is possible that you are the only from us there or that you will have the lead of our development force on premise. Typically the work will be held on the client location. That enhance the communication and trust with the stakeholders and product owners.

You are not alone. As part of our team, you will have full access to our team and knowledge. You have a challenging issue or task? No problem, report it back to our office and we as a whole company will try to get it right and provide you the details for the implementation. This improves your skills, provides the customer a better solution and improves our company spirit.

That's how we can work together

You can join our experts team as a full-time developer or you want to join as a contractor and work project based.

Is this something you can picture yourself in? Join us.

Convinced? Contact us right away and let's see how we can fit together in a first personal meeting.