The Team

Benefit from our expert team with many years of experience in different industries with Appway. Use us for your advantage to achieve an optimized and scalable solution, that grows with your success and produces less bugs.

DigitalMove Consultants

Saso Nikolov

Appway Coach & Consultant

Appway Master and Developer.
5+ years Appway Training and Developement experience.

Jan Schrader

Senior Solution Architect & Consultant

Appway Expert. 5+ years Appway Architect and Developement experience.

More performance and quality for your improved productivity. We train our people in a continously loop. Additional all our experts are in a shared knowledge environment. 

For us it is important, to support our people at the client side too. That way we as a whole company can help eachother in case of questions regarding specific topics, best practise and design pattern.

So with us you get more than just an Appway expert for your team and project. You get the whole combined knowledge power of DigitalMove Consultants.

We have a single point of compentence, which garantees that experience can be re-used with all of our clients. I am not going so far to say we are Borg, but try harder. 



We assist our clients in reducing operational fix costs and increasing the quality of the existing solution. We achieve this through our highly specialized experts with different skills in the field of digitalization.



We work with enthusiastic people to help our clients to get the most out of their solution and to help reaching their goals. Our goal is to support you with knowledge and trainings, so that you can grow within our family.